Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally free for the next two weeks; without laptops, morning newspapers, electricity - without Water Closet!!!

Without anything. Only me, my best friends and my fly-fishing instruments. ...And the Bears!

Fishing in Kola...

But as you can figure out from the attached image, even the FREE Stuff has a price. Believe me, you have to know what's the colour of the hat you are wearing?

Beware! You have to know where you put your feet when walking.
Three weeks ago we finally reached the camp in Kola Peninsula we'd been planning to go for three years.
We all had been dreaming of forthcoming freedom right in the middle of nowhere, next to the rapids full of trouts. And it was fantastic. We went wild as little kids when we examined the neighborhood of the camp in the first evening.Everything was like in our dreams.
I slept sooooo well. - The picture above is taken right behind the tent I slept. Maybe three meters away.
It doesn't matter if you are camping in wilderness or surfing in the internet, downloading stuff. You have to be prepared. You have to know the neighborhood, understand and get familiar with the potential risks. So that you know you will be able to do whatever you were going to do. Without any consequences you wouldn't have anticipated.
My fishing trip was a success.

I wish you happy browsing!

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