Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is like Robbing from the Gurus

Remember Sean Wu from Tag And Ping?
He broke into the internet marketing scene with a BIG BANG last year and made $141,320.50 in less than 2 weeks after the launch of his FIRST product. (He also started with NO list, NO connections, and was also living all the way in THAILAND to boot!)
Well, Sean has just teamed up with over 30 top internet marketers, including...
Jason James Michael Campbell Dr. Mani Anik Singal Holly Cotter Richard Quek Ben Shaffer Michael Nicholas Frank Sousa Quentin Brown Frank Bauer Pawan Agrawal Edmund Loh Paul Kleinmeulman Joe Cooper (and just TOO MANY to list here)
...To bring you "The Biggest Premium Marketing Products Giveaway", with $10,686.84++ worth of PAID products (that are actually being sold right now) - all for FREE!
You've really got to see it to believe it:
And no, these are NOT your typical "giveaway/freebie" products that are being given away elsewhere.
These are REAL, PAID products - and the only way to get your hands on some of these is to buy them yourself!
I'm not sure how long the site will be up, so I URGE you to go there and register for your gifts IMMEDIATELY:
All the best,
P.S. Oh, Sean will also - for the first time - reveal how he made $141,250.25 with his "Tag And Ping Launch", even though he was a "no name" kid at that time.
He has never really told anyone the "true story" of how it all came to be... and he's finally decided to spill the beans for the first time.
However, he'll only be revealing this to members of his new giveaway site.
If the $10,686.84++ worth of paid products aren't enough, you'll at least want to register to listen to Sean's story.
Go now:

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